Establishing a well-functioning social development system and making greater progress in improving the quality of people's life in the rural area where individuals takes actions in their own communities.


Empowering the downtroden especially the women and the youths to transform their lives.


To support women and children through a variety of programmes like our women’s enterprise businesses, educational tools and healthcare initiatives, all designed to educate, empower and inspire.


To see a mother feed her child, ensuring a community has access to medical care, and helping to lift people(young and old) out of a life of extreme poverty.



We ensure that our educational system is revived. This includes partnering with donor agencies to establish and equip vocational schools where our youths will be trained by experts in various arts including but not limited to welding, bricklayering, carpentary, tiling, marble setting and other vocations aimed at ensuring that our youths are meaningfully empowered even as we sponsor some of them to our neighbouring countries and overseas for such training.

Infrastural development

We create opportunities for industrial growth, commercialization, employment and thr massive movement of our people for business and for pleasure.

Development through agricultural industralization

We exploit the use of donors agency funds to sponsor our youths to Israel and other countries to train in the art of modern farming which shall in the end include the establishment of fish farms and other agro-allied small scale industries.

Health system and Social services

We create opportunities for industrial growth, commercialization, employment and the massive movement of our people for business and for pleasure.

Energy and electricity suppy

Efficient supply of electricity is the key to all social, economic development and promotion of healthy living especially in the rural area. We support and collaborate with all relevant Agencies to ensure that all communities in Abia North are linked to the national grid and adequately services.

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City office: Rich House
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Abia North Unity football competition

Bourdex foundation is organising a Unity football competition for the various Local governments in Abia North senatorial zone. This football competition is slated to start on sunday 5th February, 2017 to sunday 16th April, 2017 at Abiriba township stadium.
Teams from the various local governments are adviced to pick up a registration form at Bourdex Foundatio office, KM 5 Abiriba-Ohafia express way, Abiriba. Abia State.
For more call: +234 (0) 814-043-3336.

Sun. 5th Feb., 2017 - sun. 16th April, 2017